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Ground Chilli Pepper 50g./15g.

It has a strong spicyt taste and a delicate flavor. Used as a dining condiments.

Sweet Pepper (Paprika) 25g.

Paprika is very popular in Caucasian and Hungarian cuisines. Sweet varieties of peppers contain vitamin C six times more than citrus.

Black Pepper Peas 50g./15g.

Black pepper is for those who love tangy taste and a strong flavor. It has a strong pungent taste and a delicate flavor.

Zira (Cumin) 10g./20g.

Cumin is an exotic oriental spice that gives food a pleasant aroma and taste.

Mountain Cumin 10g.

Mountain Cumin is an exotic oriental spice that gives food a pleasant aroma and taste.

Mustard Powder 40g.

Mustard powder is used as a condiment. At home, you can prepare fragrant mustard.

Ground Red Chilli Pepper 50g./15g.

Red pepper powder is for fans of tangy taste.

Ginger 10g.

Ginger is a product that combines the amazing healing properties and flavor that no other spice can boast.

Cloves 7g.

Clove contains the so-called clove oil. Thanks to it this spice has a specific aroma and unique healing properties.

Coriander 30g.

Coriander not only has excellent taste, unique flavor, but also easily digested and improves digestion.

Dill 15g.

Dill 15g.

Cilantro 15g.

Cilantro seeds are used in cooking, in the confectionery industry, bread-baking, and in fishing industry - for preparation of herring and other fish in spicy brine.

Cinnamon 10g.

Cinnamon contains a huge amount of substances that are benefitial to human body. These include iron, calcium, cinnamyl, magnesium, essential oils.

Badian 10g.

Badian is often called star anise. It is usually added into jams, puddings, cakes, cheese, desserts, pear and plum compotes, pork and mutton.

Turmeric 15g.

Oriental medicine of ancient traditions ascribes many useful properties to turmeric.

Garlic 10g.

Garlic can be used fresh and dried. It is often used as a seasoning for many dishes.

Oregano 15g.

Oregano has a bitter, somewhat stringent and strong smell, which is traditionally used in Italian and Greek cuisine, in the Middle East and the countries of Eastern and Southern Mediterranean. It’s most widely used in preparation of pizza, meat dishes, poultry and fish. 

Rosemary 15g.

Rosemary is one of the best aromatic herbs, has a pleasant smell and spicy taste. It is very popular in Mediterranean: Italy and France. It is used with first and second courses, vegetables, soups, salads, casseroles and marinades. Ideal for meat, it goes well with soft cheeses, mushrooms, white and red cabbage. It’s not recommended to mix rosemary with bay leaves

Fennel 15g.

Fennel has a pleasant, sweet aroma and taste. Very widely used spice in Italian and Chinese cuisines. It is added to salads, vegetables, meat and fish dishes, as well as sauces and mayonnaise. Fennel is used in canning to improve the flavor of pickles (cucumbers, tomatoes, squash, eggplant and other vegetables). Mix of fennel and ginger gives an interesting combination. You can use fennel to brew tea and use it as prevention against colds and digestive problems.

Ground Zira (Cumin) 25g.

Cumin is an exotic oriental spice that gives food a pleasant aroma and taste.

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