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About Us

LAZZATLI TAOM ZIRAVORLARI (LTZ)  is a company that has been producing spices, herbs and seasonings for the last twenty years for Uzbek market . To date LTZ packages over 300 species. All components of herbs and spices are natural and ideal for preparing any dish, for baking and pastry. Exquisite combination will make meals even more delicious and unique. Original recipes and a wide range of our products will suit any needs of our consumers. To manufacture our products we use high quality ingridients, materials and advanced technologies. One of the incentives for the development of our company is to maintain long-term and constructive business relationships with partners. That plays a great role in building a fruitful cooperation with our customers and in increasing the company's turnover. We offer a wide range of high quality natural spices, herbs and seasonings for different dishes.

 Harmonious taste of our spices - a great flavor to your dishes!


We are pleased to inform you that our company has passed the certification of O'z DSt ISO 22000: 2009 (ISO 22000: 2005), which is an international standard covering all segments of food safety system and its components. We always supply high-quality and useful products to our customers. 




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