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Mix of Spices for Red Pilaf 55g.

Seasoning for Red Pilaf will help make genuine national dish. Seasoning is good for about 2-3kg of rice.

Mix of Spices for Yellow Pilaf 55g.

Seasoning for Yellow Pilaf will help make genuine national dish. Seasoning is good for about 2-3kg of rice.

Mix of Spices LTZ 55гр.

Mix of spices LTZ will open you individual taste and aroma, dissimilar to others.

Mix of Spices for Meat Dishes 55g.

Seasoning for meat dishes will make the meal an unusually refined, juicy and flavorful.

Bouquet of Spices 55g.

Bouquet of spices gives the dish a full flavor with an amazing blend of spices, roots and herbs. Bouquet seasoning gives great taste and enhances the taste of dishes.

Mix of Spices Universal Plus 55g.

Mix of spices Universal Plus is suitable for any meal, giving each its exquisite and unique taste.

Mix for Salad Dressings 55g.

Salad dressing is intended for salads of vegetables to give a more piquant flavor and aroma.

Mix of Spices for Kebab 55g.

If you want to know the taste of tender juicy meat, use this seasoning.

Mix of Garlic Seasoning for Meat Dishes 55g.

Mix of Garlic Seasoning for meat dishes will give your dish an unusually refined, juicy and delicious taste. The mix can be used for other meals as well.

Mix 25 Vegetables and Herbs 55g.

25 Vegetables and Herbs Mix composed of 25 vegetables and herbs.

Chicken Broth 55g.

It can be used for broth as well as for sauses and salads.

Mix of Spices for Shurpa 55g.

Mix of spices for shurpa gives the dish a marvelous aroma and piquancy and density.

Sweet Pepper (Paprika) 25g.

Paprika is very popular in Caucasian and Hungarian cuisines. Sweet varieties of peppers contain vitamin C six times more than citrus. It is rightly considered a champion among vegetables. It has a fine, delicate, mild flavor. Paprika is used in preparation of the first and second vegetable courses.

Ground Red Chili Pepper 55g.

Red pepper powder is designed for fans of spicy taste.

Black Pepper 55g.

Black pepper is for the lovers of tangy taste and a strong flavor. It has a strong pungent taste and a delicate flavor.

Curry 55g.

Oriental Mix of spices Curry can be used in the preparation of any food. Spices contained in the mix give your dishes a distinctive taste and aroma.

Zira (Cumin) 55g.

Cumin is an exotic oriental spice that gives food a pleasant aroma and taste. It is widely used for cooking not only stewed, boiled and fried foods, but also to marinate meat.

Coriander 55g.

Coriander not only has excellent taste, unique flavor, but also easily digested and improves digestion. It is great for cooking stews, grilled meats products.

Bay Leaves (Bay Laurel) 25g.

Taste and flavor of potato soup, fish soup, beef borsch or hodgepodge soup will significantly improve if you add 3-4 bay leaves.

Lotus 55g.


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